Hello all, your most beloved Canadian here.

Wanted to post an update on whats new with ^EIN^.

   I know we have not had a main game for everybody to play, nor had a dedicated server since Day Z.  With the let down of battlefield 4, and the flop of hardline its been rough trying to find a game that draws people together.

 But good news all. We are not forgotten, we are alive and well, lurking in the shadows, waiting for the right game to pounce on. Low and behold it seems one may almost be in our grasp. A good game by the looks of things. One that may bring back the memories of the good ole days of Battlefield 2142.

  What is this game you ask? Can there be such a game? I kid you not . Cut to space; In a galaxy far far away............ Yes STAR WARS BATTLEFRONT. Will there be speeder bikes? Will the Wookies still have crossbows? Still so many crucial unanswered questions. We must be vigilant. We MUST trust in the force.

  On another note we have a CS:GO team that is signed up on CEVO if you play CS:GO and think you have what it takes poke me, or talk to anyone in the CS:GO channel for more information.    

                                                               Love ^EIN^Gangster

                                                                 Hard edit by Tact